Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl - Sound "Baths"

Our Crystal Bowl Sound Bath meditations are most relaxing and memorable. Imagine sitting in our proprietary sound chair vibrating to the music. You feel, hear, and experience the frequencies of the Quartz Crystal & Tibetan Bowls vibrating in the air and throughout your body!

For an optional enhanced experience, we combine Aromatherapy & 3 D Visuals to the Crystal Bowl Sound "Bath" meditation.

Escape the hustle bustle of life and lets us Rejuvenate your Mind Body and Soul. Become fully absorbed in the relaxing sounds and vibrations ... you will feel like a new person in just one hour!

Drift away while sitting in our vibra-acoustic sound chair, smelling your favorite fragrances like roses, lavender, ocean mist and more.

Book Your Sound Bath Meditation

Our Crystal Bowl - Vibra acoustic Sound Bath Meditations are a Community favorite and occur Every Monday at 7 PM and are open to the public.

The Egyptians used sounds and vibrations in the Great Pyramids, similar to our vibra acoustic services we offer here at the Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center.

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Testimonial - Vibra Acoustic Sound Chair:
from a recent guest to the Rejuvenation Center

"I sampled the vibrational chair.  I had quite a ride.  It was a multi-sensory experience – music heard and felt.  The music filled my head and the chair vibrations shook me on a cellular level.  It was relaxing and invigorating.  The combination of hearing and feeling the music at the same time was more than the sum of its parts.  It was a whole experience.  Who knew that music experienced in a vibrational chair could be a whole body-mind massage?"

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