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Motion Sensitive T.V. Monitors turn on automatically when Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center guests walk in front of them.

Guests view the artists Open House Presentation that we recorded at the Artists open house at the Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center.

This custom video we make, with our Digital Internship students, helps sell the artists works even when they are not present at our location.

Now thats using technology to help market artists works!






Artist Open House/Workshop Presentations

Friday Artists Open House – Drop by every Friday at 7PM for our book writers and film makers launch series. Well known local Coachella Valley and Los Angeles artists and writers present their works for public knowledge and enjoyment during these 2 hour presentations.

Our high school intern students and staff prepare and edit audio and video recordings of these artist’s Friday evening open house book/film launch presentations of their work.

We upload our open house Artist's videos to You tube for awareness and promotion, providing videos to the artists as well, to help promote their work.

Students get work experience, artists get promotional arts experience, and our guests of the center get to see great books, films and art in the making. Everyone benefits from the experience.

Future guests view the recorded information on the Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center video screens which automatically turn on and off in an interactive fashion as the guests move around the art exhibits.

Using innovative technology helps us gets the artists message across to the public in ways only once imagined. Copies of the artists works are available for sale in front of the Point of Sale Displays that display the artists open house presentation that the students recorded of the artists particular book, art, or movie

Our school intern students learn how to video produce, edit and create story lines for these point of sale LCD audio and video screens at the Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center.

This unique kind of art exhibit is effective at presenting information for both the artists and guests alike.